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Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia Presents PZYK Vol. 1 2CD Album

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Release Date: 20/11/2015

Discs: 2

Welcome to our future. This is the motorik metropoliz. This is our whacked-out audio atlas of the PZYK diaspora. Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia celebrates the bleeding, weeping edge of neo-psychedelia, the pan-continental smorgasbord of kaleidoscopic sin. Genres are tiny labels for tiny minds - this is our pulsating, nauseating, delusional, crystallised alternative.A mesmerizing evangelical fug of technicolor drone.  Explore and chart this PZYK diaspora. Mexico City is 8,631km from Carlisle, yet sub-culturally they embrace via the brutal sonic slew of their PZYK disciples. Geography is a mere technicality. Ideas distill our commonality Indulge. Burrow yourself in a Swiss snowy bolthole. Surround yourself with vintage synths and crates of Goldschläger. Concern yourself principally and exclusively with the present. And the future. For this is our future. Our other.  Our glorious, solemnizing other. Join our congregation and revel in the majesty of our hypnotic Dionysian dungeon. Yours in drone. 



CD 1

1. Mugstar - Goat Head
2. Tau - Venado Azul (Ceremony Version)
3. The Holydrug Couple – Dreamy*
4. Wolf People - All Returns Part Ii
5. Klaus Johanne Grobe – Traumhaft
6. Masahiko Sato - Take It Easy
7. The Vacant Lots - 6am*
8. Christian Bland - Flashing Signs
9. Fumaca Preta - Eu Era Um CãO
10. Lucid Dream Devil Rides Out (Time and Space Machine 12” Remix)*
11. Night Beats – Messiah
12. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Sealed Scene (Part Time Punks Session)*
13. White Manna - Kief Mountain
14. Gnod – Breaking The Hex
15. K-X-P - Space Precious Time*
16) Clinic - The Wizard*

CD 2

1. Fever The Ghost - A Parliament Of Owls Determines The Fates Of Greater Men No Less Than 5 Stories Above Us In A Dream (No 9 Bus)
2. Liminanas – Salvation
3. Strange Collective – Sun
4. Pow! - 4 R E A L
5. Lucern Raze - Cheep Speed*
6. Jiboia - Dvapara Yuga
7. Mai Mai Mai – Κουσμα*
8. Les Big Byrd- White Week
9. Goat - Run To Your Mama (Cage & Aviary Re-Remix)*
10. Gala Drop - Let It Go (Extended Version)*
11. Destruction Unit - If Death Ever Slept
12. Blanck Mass - Detritus (Konx-Om-Pax Rmx)*
13. Follakzoid – Feuerzeug
14. Bonnacons Of Doom – Exteriority*
15. Jane Weaver – Argent (Europium Alluminate Edit)* (Bonus Track)

* Denotes Exclusive Track